Amsterdam to Berlin

From the cycle city to the bohemian backstreets
£1195 | 750 km | 9 days
 7 cycling days
Ave daily distance 100km
 Cycle difficulty: Moderate

Amsterdam to Berlin

Route overview

Pedal powering ourselves cycling across the lowlands of the North European Plain from the cycle city of Amsterdam to the bohemian backstreets of Berlin.

We'll be taking in the incredibly floral countryside of the Netherlands and northern Germany as we push our bodies over a week from Capital to Capital. We'll be stopping off at two large and establish ecovillages along the way, Sieben Linden and Lebensgarten, learning about holistic and sustainable living along the way. We'll be finishing up in Berlin celebrating new friendships made and great experiences had, as we discover Berlin's bustling food markets. 

This tours is...

A good physical challenge
Visiting unique spaces & ecovillages
Accessible by train
Staying at eco-lodges & hostels 
Ride now pay later with our installment scheme

Why this ride is awesome

You’ll eat healthily
You’re supported 
You’ll make authentic connections 
You'll experience incredible nature
You’ll stay at unique spaces
You can do it

Hear from past riders

Brake the Cycle is a glorious project connecting people to some of the most inspiring alternative and ecologically-minded communities in Europe. It was such a pleasure to be part of - I felt like I saw so much and made real connections with tonnes of lovely people. Highly recommend!


Amsterdam to Berlin

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