Sun, sangria, cycling & Moorish citadels
£1195 | 525 KM | 9 days
| 7 cycling days
Ave daily distance 75km
Cycle difficulty: 3 Moderate

Stunning cycling

Through Grazalema park 

Welcome to Andalusia 

Some places were just made for cycling with long stretches of newly surfaced roads, a variety of jaw-dropping landscapes, and with temperatures in the 20s just when the rest of Europe is settling into autumn. Andalusia puts the 'holiday' in 'cycling holiday'.

Don’t go telling everyone about it just yet though, because Andalusia is still one of the continent’s best-kept cycling secrets. We’ll cycle over mountains and through the land that the Moors conquered and left little jewels of the Middle East scattered throughout.  This is the tour that will leave a permanent smile on your face throughout, as you get up close with Europe's equivalent of the Wild West. Andalé!

The route overview

This tour is...

Incredibly scenic, full of undulating hills & white washed villages
Staying at 2
Every night inside at a community, Airbnb or boutique hotel
Very accessible for first time tourers
On our 'Ride now pay later' 
 installment scheme

Why this tour is awesome

You’ll eat healthily
You’ll find your tribe
You’re supported 
You'll transform
You’ll get inspired
You can do it

Hear from our past riders

"From the minute I landed I felt like I was in 

safe hands. Everything was so well organised and the route was so beautiful. It was so 

refreshing to meet such amazing people and to explore a different country together. I 

loved the delicious vegan meals and the 

laughs along the way. The communities we 

stayed at were so welcoming and 

informative. It was such an inspiring journey 

and I will never forget it. "

Kate Dwyer,
Lisbon to Seville 2017

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