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One of our resident yogi's, Lilly, runs through why yoga and cycling are the perfect combination.

What is yoga?

Yoga as we practice it in the West, is a combination of breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. The common questions and thoughts for yoga newbies usual...

Resilience, gratitude and being kind to oneself are just some of the lessons Hannah Bywaters shares as she takes us on a tour of the ups and downs of her second outing with BTC.

You'd think I'd learn and turn up for my second Brake the Cycle tour better prepared but tha...

Two time Brake the Cycler Jenna Willcox reflex on her Dartmoor Dream on one of the hottest weekend of the summer. 

I’d persuaded my sister Anna to come Dartmoor Dreaming, a yoga and cycling weekend, with me after I’d had such an awesome time on Brake the Cycle's Am...

It’s not just about the bike says Nina Rosner, reminding us that a three week tour with Brake the Cycle is as much about community, chuckles and our inner journey as it is cycling the length of the UK. 

Everyone on the LEJOG trip with Brake the Cycle is tasked with waki...

Marcus Letts, co-founder of Brake the Cycle, and now based on the Greek Island of Evia, ponders how collaboration and imagination might be the ticket to get us out of the ecological and economic mess we’re in.

Fresh cherries and skinny dipping in streams, Kate Dwyer reminisces over her Brake the Cycle tour that all began with a book

Tom Shakhli of Brake the Cycle shares advice for those touring by bike for the first time. Going on your first cycling tour is a wonderfully exciting experience.

There is no better way to see Wales than by bicycle​ says Anthony Manrique of Hyphae Shroomery, despite the ‘Welsh Corners’.

Tour leader, writer and permaculture aficionado, Phil Moore gives an introduction to Permaculture.

A Tour leader’s take on why cycling isn’t just about shifting gears, but also shifting habits of mind.

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