Cycling to a festival near you...

Many festivals are experiences in living according to the values of what a new world might look like, if only for a weekend. Being in conscious co-existence with the environment is an essential part of that. More and more festivals are becoming aware of a greater need to reduce the overall environmental impact that they have, which is why making it easier for people to cycle there and back has the potential to make a big difference.


This summer in 2018 Brake the Cycle will be organising safe, group rides to festivals departing from Bristol, Brighton and London. All trips will be led by trained group leaders, provide lunch, and a support vehicle to transport bags and tents. Return trips are also available.

Are you a festival organiser looking to bring more people than ever to your event by bike? Or are you a festival goer that wants to go the extra mile this year and make your weekend even more adventurous?


Drop us a line at and we can discuss the options available for organising a ride to your festival.

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