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We recognise the empowering nature of cycling and have teamed up with life coaches offering 1-2-1 sessions before and after the tours. Helping you take the lessons of the road into the rest of your life. 

"I was invited by my lifelong friend to join her in a bike ride across Spain. 
The idea of cycling in the Pyrenees was exciting and overwhelming. 
Each day I rode to the occasion!
Each day I laughed with our group as we stretched out our bodies and headed out.
Each day we worked as a team to conquer the mountains. 
Each day we patted each other's backs. 
A "job"well done. 
Along the way we stopped at yummy cafes, lakes and grassy fields. In the end we stayed at communities. Learned about their lifestyles. Fell in love with the people, the places and each other. 
30+years older then the group I was wondering how I'd do. The simple answer is: 
Joe when's the next ride, cause I'm in!"

Holly Johnson, skydiver and grandmother, Bilbao to Barcelona 2016

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