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Joe Reid


(0044) 7789 14754

Past press

Ecotourism: Creating Change-Agents, Permaculture Magazine (March, 2018)

Trip: The Greek Odyssey

Snippet: 'Marcus Letts, co-founder of Brake the Cycle and now based on the Greek Island of Evia, ponders how collaboration and imagination might be the ticket to get us out of the ecological and economic mess we’re in...'

Connecting to land through pioneer plants, Permaculture Magazine (January, 2018)
Trip: Lisbon to Seville

Snippet: ''We arrived at Vale Bacias, an eco project in rural Portugal, sweaty, tired, and more than ready for a dip in the lake. We have taken on the challenge of cycling through the Portuguese and Spanish landscapes from Lisbon to Seville, visiting eco projects and alternative communities. This invitation has attracted a bold patchwork of seriously interesting people and throughout the week we have been bonding, high on adrenaline, camaraderie, and awe at our own muscles...'

Getting sociable & sustainable with Brake the Cycle, London Cyclist (July, 2017)
Trip: All

Snippet: 'Which tour would you recommend for a first timer who has been cycling for a while but hasn’t taken part in this kind of thing before?

Most of the people who come on our tours aren’t regular cyclists.

We’ve graded the rides based on distance, climbing and gradient to try and make them as accessible to people as possible. We don’t want the actual cycling to be the thing that puts you off from having an incredible experience...'

Brake the Cycle: Bilbao to Barcelona, Permaculture Magazine (March, 2017)
Trip: Bilbao to Barcelona, Spain

Snippet: 'Blinking the sweat out of my eyes, I glance up ahead, willing the summit to be in sight. Bad idea. On the hardest day yet, after two hours of uphill cycling (up-mountain, through the Pyrenees, to be exact) the end is nowhere in sight. The enormous vultures circling overhead seem to be gathering in anticipation of an approaching end...'

Adventures into new ways of living, Permaculture Association (August, 2016)
Trip: All

Snippet: 'We were stuck in Istanbul. The Arab Spring had truly sprung, Syria was in turmoil and all ferries to Egypt were cancelled, barring our route south. That was the end of our Camden to Cape Town charity cycle adventure, it was time to wave goodbye to the dreams of hippos, lions and African savannas...'

Key Facts

Our mission is to enhance well-being through adventure, to build authentic connections by supporting local communities, and to immerse ourselves in different ways of living though our stays at ecovillages and other sustainable initiatives.

To make the world a little better, one adventure at a time. 


Participant Testimonals

“The End to End was the most mind, heart, and soul expanding experience I have ever had. I would never take the experience away from myself and it just keeps giving!”


Julia, Artist, End to End 2013

“My friend Bex convinced me to sign up to Brake the Cycle End to End in 2015 and it has become one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Seriously, if you want a challenge and want to learn new skills and learn more about yourself and others and want to meet new wonderful people who will invigorate you with new found enthusiasm for everything and you want to test your abilities and you want to escape the drab concrete jungle and you want to discover an incredible network of bases for alternative living and sustainable technologies whilst pedalling your way across endless stretches of magnificent countryside and epic mountain ranges and beautiful scenery of every description then for gods sake, stop thinking about it and give Joe a ring and sign yourself up. You wont regret it. In fact, you will cherish the decision in years to come.”


Joel, Sound Engineer, End to End 2015

“I pedalled with Brake the Cycle on the 2016 Bilbao to Barcelona adventure and it was an inspiring, challenging, friendship-building, life-changing experience. The sheer range of emotions you can experience in a day is character building and gives you lessons to take from the road out into the world; I found that it helped me in many unexpected areas of my life. On top of that, it was amazing fun, full of fantastic people who have become my friends, and it showed me some pretty stunning scenery and inspiring projects. Absolutely don't miss it if you get the opportunity to come on a Brake the Cycle tour!”


Eleanor, Singer and Actor, Bilbao to Barcelona 2016

“Not just another trip. A potentially life-changing experience: a potent combination of physical challenge, natural beauty, encounters with a diverse and fascinating range of communities and the chance to reflect on values, lifestyles and how we interact with our world and each other. The communities that you visit and temporarily become part of are the backdrop to the itinerant community that you and your fellow cyclists create and share for duration of the trip. I was part of the 2015 End to End, and my experience was that of a journey powered not only by aching muscles, nor the hearty meals each evening, nor the occasional pint of ale, but above all by interaction with some of the most interesting and inspiring people I have had the privilege to meet. Joe's effervescent optimism and energy was an unfailing catalyst for what was an exhilarating and inspiring experience. Recommended.”


James, British Foreign Office, End to End 2015

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