7 reasons why cycling End to End with Brake the Cycle will change your life

February 13, 2017



  1. Taking on such a physical challenge is empowering. It’s an amazing thing to use your actual legs and a pair of wheels to get from the tip to the nip of the UK. You’ll get fit and healthy, filling your lungs with fresh air, feeling your legs grow steelier everyday, and experiencing that euphoric giddiness of a huge endorphin rush. The achievement of a physical goal really smashes through those mental boundaries and opens you up to what you’re capable of.

  2. Visiting awesome eco projects broadens your scope on ways of living holistically, joyfully and with purpose. We stay at eco villages, permaculture projects and organic farms on our journey #EndtoEnd. We’ll be taken on intimate tours of these amazing and innovative spaces by the people who’ve created them, and learn about ‘sustainability’ from those who really live it. From wandering around wetland systems that naturally filter grey water, to stretching down after a long day’s cycle under the reciprocal roof of a beautiful cob building, the creative beauty is inspiring.

  3. Living as part of a supportive community fosters deep relationships. Not only will we visit different kinds of communities but we will also organically form our own community as we travel together. We’ll both support others, and allow ourselves to be supported, whilst learning from the communities we visit. We’ll live together, cycle together, eat together, laugh together and probably cry together; nothing builds camaraderie like an adventure.

  4. The ongoing support from our professional life coach will help you pedal into your power. It’s our intention that the End to End be more than just a bike ride; we’d love it to be a real catalyst in your life for personal transformation. Our pre and post tour coaching programme is flexible, with the aim of helping you get the absolute most out of the adventure, whatever your personal goal is. It will be one of those milestones in life, a moment you can look back on and see as the beginning of an incredible investment you made in your development.

  5. Powering up on organic, healthy food will cleanse and rejuvenate you. Health and overall well-being, as opposed to just fitness, are a vital part of the trip for us. That means eating the best food we can: fresh from local markets, organic, mostly vegetarian and with some juicy super-foods sprinkled in. Even our energy bars are organic. Two weeks of being mostly outdoors, sweating out those toxins whilst refuelling on the best nutrition and those eyes will be sparkling, skin glowing, and spirits soaring. You get out what you put in, so watch your body blossom as you pack it full of the good stuff.

  6. Reconnecting to nature revitalizes the spirit and gets the blood flowing. Spending hours on end outdoors during spring in its fullest and freshest bloom reopens a connection to nature. We’ll be cycling through gorgeous scenery including The Wye Valley, The Lake District and Glencoe. Whether you’re catching the aroma of daffodil fields in Cornwall or stopping for lunch in a bluebell-carpeted wood, this really is an incredible time to experience the undulating landscape of the UK in a way that stays with you; no car windows to get in the way, you’re really IN it. Gather yourself, refuel, replenish, revitalise, and use the energy of the landscapes to expand your life afterwards.

  7. BONUS (if you’re still reading…) You don’t have to carry all your stuff! We have a support vehicle and crew who’ll be accompanying you on the adventure. It comes complete with personal cubby holes to store your stuff, a field kitchen, mini bike workshop, charging points for your electro gizmos and an awning. Each day you’ll be joined on the ride by one of our core crew with a garmin (sat navs for bikes) with our carefully crafted route on it. Whilst the support van won’t be driving along side you pushing you up the hills or passing chia seeds out the window, we will be there to rescue you if needed.




Our next End to End is coming up from the 13th April to 1st May 2017. If you were to invest in yourself like this, what impetus would it have in the rest of your life? Grab your bike, open your mind and take on the challenge.


Saddle up!


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