6 reasons that make our #LEJOG unforgettable

January 16, 2018

It’s the UK’s most challenging bike ride, and at any given time there may be hundreds of people attempting it. At Brake the Cycle we have our own twist on this classic ride, an approach that we believe makes it much more than just a bicycle tour.


#1​ We’re connected.

We have built up a close relationship with the UK’s most inspiring and established eco projects, and we use Brake the Cycle as a way to introduce our participants to them while also supporting their efforts by paying them for accommodation and if possible, a home-cooked meal. Our LEJOG will see us visit the educational site Embercome, the wildlife haven of Applewood, an award-winning housing co-operative in Lancaster, an the legendary Findhorn, one of Europe’s biggest and most established intentional communities.



#2 We’re experienced.

We’ve been on the road since 2011, learning with each tour and from each group how to make a trip a memorable one for everyone. We take great care to make sure that a good group dynamic is created while also ensuring that everyone gets their own individual space during the tour. We’re also used to dealing with the unknowns that life on the road can throw up, carrying pretty much everything required to deal with an emergency. You’re in safe hands with us.



#3 We’re recommended.

Our tours impact people in different ways. We’re proud that we’ve received 100% 5* reviews and we’re not looking to break that record any time soon! You can find out what people say about us here.



#4 We’re transformative.

We know that for many people, this is not just a physical challenge. It’s a space to learn, to grow, to connect to nature and to ourselves. We believe in the power of the pedal to gain new perspectives and for lessons from the road to remain with us long after the final mountain has been climbed. We therefore ensure a before, during and after care process that focuses on understanding what the challenges are in your life and how this tour can help with them, facilitating opportunities for reflection and personal growth.



#5 We’re plant powered.

Living as sustainably as possible is important to us, and while we are by no means judgmental of anyone who chooses to eat meat, we feel that the tours represent an opportunity to, just for a short time, really adventure into green living. All our meals are vegetarian with vegan options, and we make sure that you’re getting enough protein to give your muscles what they want after a hard day’s cycling.



#6 We go the extra mile.

We’re a small team and we care about our work and the impact it has on everything around us. For you that means it’s the personal touch, answering any questions you have before the trip, and talking to you as you train and prepare for coming away with us. During the tours we are fully embedded within the group and take time to get to know everyone who cycles with us. After the tours we invite you to join our community, which involves an active Facebook group and regular meetups (on and off the bike). We’re also keen to ensure that our tours are authentically eco conscious, taking time to source the food we provide as ethically as possible, and taking the most environmentally friendly route between tours.



To find out more about this years End to End and see where we're heading, visit our Land's End to John O'Groats page.  




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