Dragon Dreaming: Cycling Wales

February 6, 2018


Wales is a dreamy place to cycle with quiet roads and fantastic scenery. The ancient landscape has also been a huge pull for folk finding a greener and more eco-friendly way to live. And Brake the Cycle would like to introduce you to some of these amazing projects.


Old lands and lost lanes, Wales is a fantastic place for cycling. A varied topography written in the landscape, Welsh is the oldest British language still in use. Rolling through country roads and market villages, Wales has thankfully resisted the march of the ‘clone town’. And in the nooks and folds of these lands you’ll find a number of people and projects who, wishing to break from the norm, have led the way in alternative living.


‘Dragon Dreaming’ is a week long cycle through an alternative Wales visiting a number of pioneering eco projects. Centred around permaculture and the exploration of new (and old) ideas around ecology, economy and community, Brake the Cycle combines a love of cycling with inspiring ecological awareness.



Highlights of the Wales tour include a visit to CAT, the Centre for Alternative Technology. A former slate quarry now popular tourist destination, CAT has become a global focal point for renewable energy. The project is testament to the idea that with vision a more environmentally sound way of creating and using energy can be achieved.


Ecological pioneer John Seymour, most famously known for his perennial manual 'The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency', inspired countless back-to-the-landers, and made his home in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. And in the very same county resides the eco-village Lammas who helped pioneer and steer the forward-thinking One Planet Development policy — national legislation unique only to Wales.


Scattered throughout Wales are projects of varying degrees and sizes, from permaculture inspired smallholdings to long established organic market gardens. It is this look into a different ways of being, inspired by the genius of nature, that Brake the Cycle wants to share with you.



Brake the Cycle rides are open to all. The genius of the bike is that if you can get on one, you can go places. No previous experience required — just an open mind and enthusiasm.


Cycling through the land is a much richer and rewarding way to connect with one’s surroundings. And, if you’re lucky you may even hear the Dragon breathing as you wend your way through Wales’ verdant valleys.



Join the ride and experience an alternative Wales.


Find out more about Dragon Dreaming here.






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