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Why Brake the Cycle?

We're not the only bicycle company out there. We think we're a good one though. Our ethos is that cycling is for everyone, and that it can be a shared activity regardless of whether you're a club rider on the weekend, or if you're thinking of riding to work but a bit nervous at the prospect. 


We design and organise bespoke tours for companies, charities and other organisations that everyone can take part in. From one day to one week long, our tours are a unique way to facilitate:


  • Team building

  • Sustainable travel

  • Employee wellbeing

  • Fundraising

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Going the extra mile


With over seven years organising cycling tours across the world, and having attended many ourselves as participants, we’ve seen it all. Our approach leaves no stone unturned in offering a fully end-to-end tour that prepares your team, delivers the tour, and then returns them home and captures any additional data and media content to share with you.


What we provide


  • Fully mapped, safe, cycling routes suitable for all abilities or depending on cycling level

  • Transportation to and from an agreed meeting and home arrival point (e.g. the work office)

  • Food and drink for the entire ride/tour

  • Additional connecting transportation such as ferries

  • Backup support throughout the route from a qualified mobile cycling mechanic

  • All overnight accommodation

  • ‘Survival pack’ for every individual cyclist including energy bars, gels and hydration

  • Custom made cycling kit, if requested

  • Visits to projects of inspiration or relevance to your organisation (e.g. your office in another city/country)

  • A tailored group development programme to further the objectives of your group, for example facilitating active listening or new forms of leadership

  • A photographer/videographer to document your trip and provide you with content for your annual report, newsletter, or intranet

Creating social impact


Our bespoke tours form part of our social impact model. Proceeds from every bespoke tour we organise fund places for people who would otherwise be unable to afford them. We run these tours alongside a personal development programme, and at present support the following groups:


  • Young people 16-18 who have grown up in urban environments

  • 18-30 year olds looking to set up their own green social enterprise


Let’s talk


Our team would love to come and talk with you about working together. Drop us a line at bespoke@brakethecycle.xyz to find out more and book an appointment.


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