The MEGA Adventures

A 1-3 week hoot

For those wanting worthy yarns to spin their Grandchildren, we give you the Mega Adventures. Think of the fool-hardy adventurous spirit that led Brian Blessed to attempt to climb Everest in a woolly jumper, combined with the organisational know-how that would have meant he succeeded. 


To put it another way, these trips are an adventure for the mind, body and soul. By day we ride over mountain ranges, freewheel through expansive plains, wind along coastal roads and stop for coffee in picturesque rural villages. By night we rest and relax, staying at unique sustainability-focused places. These include ecovillages and organic farm-stays, where we delve a little deeper into what it’s like to live in an ecologically conscious way.

Bless you Brian

The Megas are a real chance to connect with a new group of like-minded people of all ages. In some ways it's a bit like going to war, just without all the death. Or the war. OK its not really like going to war. However there is definitely a budding sense of camaraderie built together through shared experience; blood, sweat and gears. Physical challenge, a common purpose and miles of open road in which to get to know each other. 

We have tours designed for all ability levels, but don't pigeon hole yourself. Even the more challenging ones are accessible with a bit of training. The Megas, more then any other of our trips, are an opportunity to step, fully supported, into your best self. Every revolution of the pedals contributing to a better you. Lets do this!

Find the right ride for you

You've been on a bike before, but not often or for a while. There's plenty of time to explore and relax off the bike as there is on it. 
Lisbon to Seville (4).png
9 days 
Suitable for all levels, you'll need bit of prior training. This involves some longer days in the old saddle, but there'll still be plenty of time for time for non bike exploration. 
Greek Odyssey (1).png
20th July to 1st Aug 2019
13 days 
GRADE (3).png
Greek Odyssey (2).png
5th to 13th Oct 2019
9 days 
Training is a defo for these. The more you do, the more you'll enjoy the ride. Suitable for cycling enthusiasts, experienced tourers, or anyone with the will to go that extra mile. If you're tempted, but nervous about holding people up - don't be! We'll be with you every push of the pedal.
Greek Odyssey.png
Greek Odyssey (1).jpg
Previous trips
Here are some of the previous mega adventures we've run. Click through to check them out and register your interest for 2020. We'll be back the most popular ones and liaise with you to choose dates that suit the majority of those who've registered their interest. 
Lisbon to Seville (5).png
16 days 
GRADE (5).png
Lisbon to Seville (6).png
GRADE (2).png
9 days 
Lisbon to Seville (1).png
9 days 
GRADE (3).png
Lisbon to Seville (7).png
9 days 
GRADE (3).png
Lisbon to Seville (3).png
7 days 
GRADE (2).png
Lisbon to Seville (2).png
9 days 
GRADE (2).png
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